The leading Binance-native, self-managed wallet.
Safe. Stable. Fast.

Unshackle your wallet

With Trubi wallet, you are in complete control of your own funds. Safely store, trade and send cryptocurrencies anytime and anywhere.

Hello future payments

Pay your friend back for coffee in crypto without calculating coversion rates. With Trubi doing that in the background, we move one step closer to a crypto-accepting world.

Effortless trading and swaps

Trubi allows you to seamlessly toggle between instant swaps and orderbook trading, whether you're looking to execute quickly or place limit orders.


Designed from the ground up to be used on the go, Trubi allows you to experience everything that Binance Chain has to offer in the palm of your hand.

Full Desktop Support

No more watered down clients. Get access to the same features whether you’re on your way to work or chilling at home on the weekends.